Sec 25658 of the Business and Professions Code of the California provides regulations in the sale of alcohol in the state of California. The following acts are considered as criminal offenses:

1) The furnishment or allowing to be sold or given away any alcoholic beverage to a person under the age of 21;
2) A person under the age of 21 purchases an alcoholic beverage or consumes an alcoholic beverage where alcohol is served and sold;
3) An entity with a license to sale who knowingly permits an individual under the age of 21 to consume an alcoholic beverage on the premises even if the owner of the premises does not know the individual is under 21;

When an individual furnishes alcohol to a minor, the imposable penalty is payment of a fine of $1,000 fine and required to perform no less than twenty four hours of community service in an alcohol or drug treatment facility or at a county coroner’s office. When this act results in great bodily injury or death, the penalty of six months to one year imprisonment in county jail is to be imposed together with a $1,000 fine.

If parents allowed their minor children to consume alcohol or controlled substance, then the imposable penalty would be a misdemeanor offense punishable up to one year in county jail and payment of a fine of $1,000. An underage individual wanting to purchase alcohol and consuming it, then the imposable penalty would be to pay $250 fine and perform community service with a second offense, the fine increases to $500 and up to 48 hours of community service.

The crime of furnishing alcohol to a minor is a serious matter in California. Should you be or know anyone facing any of these charges, do reach out to the lawyers at the Law Offices of Ramiro J. Lluis for a free consultation today.