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White Collar Crimes are on a rise world wide.  Due to the internet and a more global economy, methods to short change the system has become easier.  The White Collar Defendant is like non-typical like the DUI client, these are people who are most of the times foreign to criminal proceedings.  A White Collar Defendant can be more educated and aware of his situation, and that is why they will need an attorney that can understand their needs as well as an attorney that understands them.

White Collar Crimes can consist from Fraud: check fraud, credit theft, credit fraud, internet fraud, real estate fraud, mail fraud and other forms of embezzlement.  The areas of White Collar Crimes are growing and becoming more common.

At the Law Offices of Ramiro J. Lluis, we thrive on the challenges that are presented in the White Collar Crimes.  We find that it is in this area of the law that we find laws developing before our eyes.  Our young and technologically inclined staff, enjoy representing our clients in internet and cyber crimes. 

Whether it’s a simple old fashioned form of fraud and embezzlement, or it’s a high tech scam, we’re confident that we can protect your rights in any criminal charges you may face.

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