West Los Angeles DUI Defense

Living in Los Angeles, California especially, West Los Angeles, driving is a huge part of every day life.  People spend more time in their cars here in West Los Angeles, than most places in the world.  Due to the dynamic set up of the City of Los Angeles, Angelenos are forced to drive to most restaurants, bars, nightclubs, parties and soial events.  The fact is, that in Los Angeles, public transit is insufficient.  Therefore, people are forced to drive everywhere.  And as a result, many people get caught drinking with illegal amounts of alcohol in their system.

A DUI can happy to anyone, those that don’t have a criminal history or propensity.  Yet, when a person receives a DUI, it is treated as a criminal charge.  And the person who receives a DUI goes to the same court as the other serious criminals attend.

For this reason, if you have been arrested for driving under the influence and are seeking a West Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer, then you should contact the Law Offices of Ramiro J. Lluis and consult with one of our attorneys.

A  DUI will not go away on its one, it will affect your record and will be more costly than you know.  A DUI is a crime, and it should be taken seriously.  Consult with an attorney and protect your driving privileges and