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Los Angeles criminal lawyer Ramiro J. Lluis has represented many of his client’s in drug related crimes. Drug related offenses are a significant percent of all criminal cases in Los Angeles and Southern California courts. For this reason, the Ramiro J. Lluis has been an authority on drug defense in Los Angeles.

Drug related crimes require criminal attorneys that understand the client, understand the local courts and judges as well as the local laws. One drug related mistake can severely impact ones life and family members. There are many options in defending drug related cases, in that rehabilitative programs are available as well as other alternatives in sentencing.

Drug Related Offenses can be broken down in to several different offenses.

  • Cultivation

The growing of organic drugs or their precursors, e.g. marijuana, coca, opium poppies, etc.

  • Distribution

The act selling or trading drugs.

  • Manufacturing

Includes the creation of synthetic drugs and the act of isolating drug compounds from organic sources.

  • Possession

Having drugs or drug paraphernalia on one’s person. One of the more common charges in California is Health and Safety Code 11350: Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Another common crime in California is the possession of Methamphetamine – California Health and Safety Code 11377.

  • Possession for Sale

The possession of drugs in quantities sufficient for resale. One of the more common charges for a possession for sale in California is Health and Safety Code 11351: Possession for Sales of a Controlled Substance.

  • Sales

Selling a controlled substance or narcotic that is without prescription or authorized pharmacist, is a crime in California. A common crime involving sales is California Health and Safety Code 11352: Sales or Transportation of a Controlled Substance.

  • Prescription Fraud

The act of obtaining prescription (legal) drugs through forged or stolen prescriptions.

  • Trafficking

The act of transferring drugs from one location to another, usually on behalf of a second party.

Marijuana Convictions:

Marijuana related crimes and charges are treated differently than many of the harder drugs and as a result have more lenient sentencing standards. While simple possession of Marijuana may be treated as a misdemeanor possession, possession of large quantities of Marijuana and or trafficking and sales will be treated like other crimes and receive stricter sentencing standards.

Marijuana also has special consideration due to the medical marijuana status that certain licensed patients receive. Medical marijuana use, manufacturing and sales also require specialized knowledge of the medical marijuana laws among the drug related defense.

Alternative Sentencing and Drug Treatment Programs

Many simple and first offense drug related crimes allow for alternative sentencing that include drug treatment programs. Your criminal defense lawyer will provide you with these options once the circumstances of your case are reviewed.

Immigration Consequences of Drug Related Crimes

Drug offenses are also very delicate as to a client’s immigration status. Many of the charges if convicted can affect a resident’s or asylee’s status. So if you have a status less than Citizenship in the US, you should consult with your attorney about that.


If you are facing criminal charges due to a drug related crime, consult with a experienced Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer prior to taking any action.

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