Imprisonment in California

Imprisonment in California is under the control and supervision of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. As of 2007, there are 170,588 inmates currently in the California State Prison System.

After conviction has been found and sentence has been passed by a judge after review of the case, the individual convicted of a crime would be imposed a sentence to be served behind bars or in prison. Depending upon the crime, the gravity of the offense and the imposed penalty, the individual would serve their time either in county jail or in state penitentiary. Soon after sentencing, the convicted individual would be taken from the courtroom and then lead to their eventual home for the next number of years.

The individual would be then booked and then given prison provisions for their stay in prison. Often, the individual would be assigned a particular area of the prison depending upon their conviction or their personal circumstances. There is a prevalent culture within prisons and prison management officials are fully knowledgeable of the implications when a new prison inmate is introduced into the general population.

During their stay in prison, the life of the individual is regimented into schedules, for meals, shower, yard time and work time. Depending upon their behavior inside the prison, they can be credited for time served thus lowering their overall prison time. They can also be provided work opportunities in order to earn income while in prison under specific guidelines. Also, depending on their behavior and sentence, they would be allowed to accept visitors and even be allowed conjugal visits under certain parameters. After completion of their sentence, the convict is still under the supervision of the California Department of Prisons if they are allowed to be on Parole.

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