Depending upon the criminal statute that an individual has been convicted of, the gravity of the offense committed and the criminal history of the individual, the imposable penalties for conviction varies in California. Aside from mandatory sentences imposable, there are other penalties imposable for convictions for crimes in California.

The following are some of the accessory penalties imposable for a conviction. Do remember though that the statute determines the actual penalty and accessory sanctions but the following are the more common ones:

a) Suspension or revocation of a privilege, such as driving privileges or gun ownership or even license to practice a particular occupation;
b) Mandatory attendance in a rehabilitative program such as for alcoholism, addiction, batterer’s or anger management;
c) Compulsory performance of community service;
d) Payment of restitution for medical expenses or property damage or fraud perpetrated;
e) Registration under California’s Three Strikes Law;
f) Temporary or permanent injunction or restraining order, especially for domestic violence or child abuse cases;
g) Registration under public registration systems, such as for sex offenders or violent offenders;
h) Confiscation of proceeds of the crime;

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