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Compton Criminal Lawyer

The South Central Court House also know as the Compton Court house, is located in the center of Compton. The Law Offices of Ramrio J. Lluis has been representing clients for over 30 years ifrom the Compton area and in the Compton court houses.

The Compton Court House known as the South Central District is located at:

200 W. Compton Blvd., Compton, CA 90220

The Compton Court House consist of 28 court rooms and two additional  juvenile court rooms.

If you are being charged with a criminal matter in Compton, you should speak with an attorney that is familiar with the Compton Court House.  Mr. Lluis and his associates are some of the most experienced Compton Criminal Lawyers. For assistance with a Compton Criminal Lawyer, please contact our office and schedule a free consultation with one of our criminal attorneys.